Hairdreams Top Hair


Hairdreams Top Hair creates extra-fast, extra-flexible thickening for fine and thinning hair. The innovative Top Hair System is especially fast, convenient and flexible. It is ideally suited for fast and easy thickening of fine and thinning hair on top of the head. Due to its unique construction, it is especially suitable for hairstyles with longer hair on the top and partings.

It consists of an innovative, breathable high tech fabric, which has Hairdreams human hair attached to it. It is integrated into your own hair on top of the head, making possible wonderfully soft and natural hairstyles with longer hair and natural bangs or partings. Depending on preference, it can be attached permanently or with the use of clips, so that you can remove and reattach the hair at any time.

Heather Bourgeois is a certified provider of Hairdreams Top Hair extensions.

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