Hairlocs Hair Extensions

The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System starts with the finest, 100% Russian and European Hair. The hair is applied using a simple, unique method using our patented “Hairloc.” Unlike other methods, the process uses no braiding, sewing, heat or glue, making the Hairlocs© Hair Extension System painless and a safe choice for hair enhancement.

Have a fun color you would like try for the first time, want highlights without the chemicals? HairLocs Hair Extensions are the perfect way to add color and highlights without damage. The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is also easily removed for maintenance, and can be reused, extending the life of your investment, saving you money.

A major advantage of The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is its compatibility with all hair types. This method can also be used to attach other hair pieces such as wefts and custom fitted pieces. The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System even works for men and teens. Other methods of gluing and sewing may prove harmful to your own hair, which creates tension and stress, possibly hair loss. The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is a safe method for all types of hair, because it was initially designed for fine and fragile hair, and does not require solvents to remove.

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Hairlocs hair extensions.

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